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Global member e-commerce platform of JTMM
Company Name: Tianshi GMBH

Company Address: Georg-Wilhelm-str.3 10711 Berlin,Germany

1. Platform introduction

JTMM is a global membership e-commerce platform. It obedience to the mission of 'healthy human being and serving the society'. Providing selected global health commodity and life necessity production for the consumers.
JTMM put to use the concept of "surpassing, swapping and global sale", persist in the principle of "win-win and altruism spirit". Through the strategic alliance cooperation with big health products and well-known enterprises, JTMM is committed to building a global marketing network to form a stable membership base and consumer groups.
Nowadays, the JTMM application has already launched in Apple store and Google store, searching "JTMM" then you can download and register, by using this application you can enjoy your quality life.
JTMM global member e-commerce platform included JTMM application, JTMM PC store and JTMM H5 and so on. These three mainstream mobile ports provide high-quality, fast, and convenient experience for users to visit and purchase.
Covering the classification of large health products and daily necessity production.
The platform has tens of thousands of products, it is still updating the new productions.
The platform has rich registered user resources and a potential market of home users.
The platform has rich global cross-border trade experience, including customs, exchange currency, swap, distribution, and other links.

2. Platform competitive advantage

Millions of users: Based on a stable global membership base and consumer groups, we provide a high-quality service experience for tens of millions of family users worldwide.
Focus on the industry: Focus on the big health industry and the market for rigid demand products to meet the daily needs of users for a healthy life.
Cross-border trade: Rich experience in global cross-border trade, including customs, currency, barter trade, and logistic distribution links.
Sales network: Global cooperation, with branches or business activities in more than 110 countries/regions, to achieve a global sales network.
Purchasing resources: Branches in many countries around the world can serve as global product resources. We are committed to achieving barter trade and global sales.

3. Value of being empowered

Quality Assurance: well-selected global products, brand quality assurance.
JTMM is well selecting high-quality global products. JTMM provides users with cost-effective choices, with high-quality products and high-quality service guarantees. Customers do not need to worry about the future.
Member privileges: diversified membership privilege, save money on shopping.
Becoming a member of JTMM. You can enjoy a variety of membership privileges and customer discounts. Shopping on the platform is cheaper and saving more money.
Wealth creation platform: an ideal platform for wealth creation and realize the value of life.
JTMM provides users plentiful social tools, also provides an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, this is the reason why people want to choose this second occupation.
Global cooperation: global business cooperation, global logistics customer service
JTMM has established a cooperative relationship with many global suppliers also JTMM established a global logistics support system and customer service system to realize global shopping.

4. Enterprise culture

Will: the leader of global enlarge scale health ecology.
Mission: to health human being, serving social society.
Strategic position: global enlarge scale health member E-commerce.
Strategic purpose: to be a respected enlarge scale healthy ecological enterprise.


Clients: there is only one is that satisfied our customers demand and treat them like our family.
Honesty: use our sincerity to get through everybody's heart.
Innovation: innovation is the driving force to achieve the concept creation, mode enhancement, management upgrade, and platform integration.
Achievements: to realize the dream with consumers and cooperators; to build up your achievement, my achievement, and everyone's achievement.
Harmony: abide by the laws and regulations, accept the local customs, send our best willing and create harmony.

5. Win-win and cooperation

JTMM (platform resources, channel resources, media resources, supply chain resources) + Partners (product resources, channel resources, media resources, other resources).


Through commercial cooperation/cross-border cooperation, JTMM establishes a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship with the other party to achieve win-win cooperation in products, channels, media, tourism, education, and other resources.

Mutual empowerment

A platform enabling: buy first-class resources on the home page, advertising resources on the first screen, promotion resources to provide publicity, promotion, and sales support;
Product empowerment: JTMM provide exclusive customization, product packaging, promotion, and other comprehensive support;
Marketing empowerment: JTMM takes advantage of this platform to provide marketing tool support comprehensively, such as preferential flash sale and social sharing to promote the best-selling for these products;
User empowerment: JTMM platform has huge user resources, providing huge user traffic support for partners.

Partner cooperation

Hight cost-effective production: the high cost-effective products remove intermediate links for JTMM;
· Endorsement resources: the JTMM platform is authorized to use related products though the endorsement resources for collaborative promotion;
· Brand endorsement: provide the related products, brands, and spokesmen for JTMM platform;
Media resources: realize media mutual promotion of resources from both sides;

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