Warum JTMM

JTMM is committed to building the world’s leading membership-based E-commerce platform and selecting global health and daily necessities for you. Backed by a group with 27 years of global operation experience, it has branches in more than 110 countries and regions, and the platform has global sales team, management team and IT R&D team.


JTMM also has the advantages of global unified and complete marketing system, collection system, logistics system and payment system. A large number of domestic and foreign cargo holds can realize a comprehensive logistics service such as consignment, overseas warehousing and cargo distribution; professional and timely customer service team can communicate with you online at any time; safe and stable payment process ensures that you can shop with confidence. In addition, JTMM, with the advantages of membership-based E-commerce and the help of 5G+media integration technology, can not only meet your needs for efficient and convenient shopping, but also enable you to create wealth flexibly and enjoy high-quality life.


Selling points of the website (title contents of VIP selling points):


Special title (gold package)  

Special title (VIP line) 

Special title (birthday privileges)            

Special title (after-sales freight discount)


Gold package:

Privilege introduction: high-quality express packages ensure the safe delivery of your goods;

Equity object: registered members who have completed real-name authentication can participate with 0 MM point.


VIP line:

Privilege introduction: you can enjoy the VIP line updating services after registering as JTMM members (Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day)

Equity object: registered members who have completed real-name authentication can participate with 0 MM point.


Birthday privileges:

Privilege introduction: members enjoy exclusive birthday privileges, including coupons, which are subject to your actual collection

Equity object: members who have completed real-name certification have the opportunity to get birthday gift packages (cash discount shopping vouchers)


After-sales freight discount:

Privilege introduction: exclusive after-sales service (return, replacement and maintenance) freight discount.

Equity object: members who have completed certification can enjoy this privilege.


New idea: On JTMM platform, users are not only buyers, but also sellers of the platform. They can get a low-cost Internet start-up while getting a high-quality shopping experience.


New experience: Being a seller on JTMM platform can save all the troubles and costs of opening a shop, and it is easy and efficient to start a business on the Internet.


New space: JTMM platform has a global supply chain system, and its products are all-encompassing, ensuring product quality while meeting the needs of various differentiated users.