Buyer guarantee:

Buyer guarantee can protect every eligible customer’s shopping order. If the goods do not match the seller’s goods, or the goods are not delivered, we will make compensation.

If the product you bought is not delivered, or if you have bought a striped shirt online while only receive the one without stripes, please don’t worry. JTMM will compensate you for the loss if you have an accident when shopping, as long as it meets the buyer’s guarantee conditions.


Our commitment

For goods purchased through JTMM website, if the goods can be kept as they are at the time of sales and the accessories and gifts (if any) are complete, you can enjoy the return and replacement policy from the date of receiving goods. You can apply for return online, and you need to send the goods back by yourself and bear the relevant freight.



Secure payment

Secure payment environment:

Based on the advanced artificial intelligence technology, through the highly stable platform payment channel, the whole path is deployed to defend the payment transaction risk in real time and protect your payment process.

Ensure customer privacy:

The security of your personal information is very important to us. We respect and protect your privacy, and we have always been committed to providing you with a secure network environment.


Global logistics distribution

JTMM logistics service team is on standby the whole day. Once the order is generated, our dedicated customer service personnel will provide you with logistics information and accurate delivery time and send updates and reminders to ensure that you can master every link.


24/7 customer service

24h service from Monday to Sunday