Rückgabe- und Rückerstattungsrichtlinie




We have Buyer protection in place to protect your shopping order. If the ordered items are not delivered, do not match your expectations, arrive damaged or non-functional, JTMM will make appropriate compensation as long as it meets the buyer’s guarantee conditions:


You get a full refund of your money within 14 days after your order is delivered:

  • If you decide to return the ordered items because they did not match your expectations. Please note the items must be unused and undamaged otherwise JTMM is authorized to process an additional fee.


  • If you decide to cancel your order due to damaged order or a non-functioning product.

What if the product in my order is damaged or not working properly?


Buyer Protection period (First 14 days)

If you receive a damaged product, JTMM is responsible to either repair or replace the product. If this is not possible, a full amount will be refunded towards your bank account. JTMM also covers applicable delivery chargers and any other costs you had in the process of returning the product.


Return after the Buyer Protection period

If your product is damaged and/or you decide to return the product you ordered after the Buyer Protection period, please note that any repair, replacement or refund is fully up to JTMM’s consideration. Any refund fees that result from this situation are the full responsibility of a customer.


Return Fee Policy


  • Order > 40 €: return fee is covered by JTMM.

  • Order < 40 €: return fee is paid by customer.


Please note that the refund will be processed within 48 hours after we receive your parcel return. International wire transfer can take up to 10 business days.